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Upgrade your home and business with ideas and features that add value to your property. We are here to help you transform your ideas into refined reality.
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Bedroom decor

Room Additions

Looking to expand your space? We can help you create a brand-new room that is a perfect fit for your home. Imagine a tailored space designed just the way you want it. We create a space that seamlessly blends style and practicality in your new room. Let us transform your vision into the perfect extension for your home.

Remodeling of the kitchen


Renovate or remodel your old kitchen; add features and ideas that make it the perfect place to cook, hang out, or relax. Imagine a kitchen that makes every meal prep a relaxing and therapeutic time rather than a boring chore. We can upgrade your kitchen, creating the perfect place to elevate your culinary experiments. European Standards Flooring & Remodeling is your contractor to turn all those plans into a brand-new reality.

Generative AI, Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design


Are you eager for a refreshing start to your day? Are you thinking of renovating or remodeling your plain, old bathroom? Explore our bathroom renovation services. We aim to design a contemporary, clean, and tranquil space, allowing you to unwind on your terms after busy days. Let’s create a bathroom that matches your vision and amplifies your sense of relaxation.

Window repair

Door and Window Upgrades

Need to replace old windows? We can help you install new windows that match your aesthetic taste and the home’s interior. With new energy-efficient windows and doors, you can ensure your home is future-ready and save more in the long run.

Walk-in closet

Shelving and Closets

Who can say no to more space to store their belongings? We can assist you in optimizing your space with smart shelving and closets. Get organized with custom shelving and closet solutions. We can create tailored designs to declutter your space.

interior drywall


Enjoy smooth and flawless walls that add a fresh vibe to your home. Our drywall services will help you refine your interior with a perfect finish, ensuring a polished and inviting atmosphere. With our dedicated team of craftsmen and a commitment to excellence, your project is in capable hands.

installation of the garage door


Transform your garage into a functional space. We specialize in creating organized, efficient garages that suit your needs. Now, you have the perfect place to keep all miscellaneous garden tools, your precious vehicle, and more.



Optimize your workspace with us. Our team can help create functional, organized, and inspiring work areas tailored to your needs. Let’s build a workshop that fuels your creativity and enhances your productivity.

Guest bedroom with two twin beds

Guest Houses

Do you want to build or renovate a guest house or rental home? Whether you prefer a vintage or clean and modern aesthetic for your guest house, we can help. We’re dedicated to designing cozy, welcoming, and practical guest accommodations that make visitors feel at home. Let’s build that perfect retreat.

A wood utility shed in a back yard


Need a brand new utility space to keep all the miscellaneous gardening tools and other supplies? We can help you create the perfect utility space, seamlessly integrated as an extension of your home. From organized storage space to a personalized workbench, we aim to fashion charming, personal, and comfortable spaces where you can unwind and pursue your hobbies.

Portable tiny home

Tiny Homes

Thinking of downsizing or embracing a minimalist lifestyle? Explore our tiny home solutions. We specialize in designing compact, efficient, and stylish tiny abodes that meet your unique preferences. Let’s build your cozy haven.

New deck is installed on the back of a house


Decks can be the perfect outdoor space to work, play, and relax. We’re committed to creating outdoor spaces that are inviting, functional, and visually appealing. Let’s construct the perfect deck for your leisure and gatherings.

Spacious basement

Basement Finishes

Want to make the most of your basement space? Our basement finishing services offer a comprehensive solution to transform your underutilized area into a functional and inviting space. Let’s convert your basement into a stylish area that complements your home.

Interior framing of a new house under construction


Looking to lay a strong foundation for your project? Avail our framing services with precision engineering and expert craftsmanship. We prioritize strength and accuracy to ensure your structure is sturdy and reliable. Let’s get started.

worker paints the ceiling

Fixtures, Finish Carpentry, Closets, Painting

Need the final touches for your space? Consider our fixtures, finish carpentry, closets, and painting services. We aim to provide the perfect finish, functional fixtures, organized closets, and vibrant colors that complete your space. Let’s add those essential final details.

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