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Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, we bring quality standards and craftsmanship that enhance the value of your property. Let’s build your dream together.

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Create, Transform, Remodel, and Beyond

Transform your space with European Standards Flooring & Remodeling. From Room Additions to Painting, our expert team brings craftsmanship and quality to every project.

Communication First

We believe a project comes together when a team shares the same vision for the goal. Our work begins with a communication process that brings everyone together.


From planning to project management, we meticulously plan every step to ensure our efficiency is at its peak. You will witness results that exceed your expectations.


Before starting, we strategically plan every step of the project to avoid gross errors, delays, and misunderstandings among the team. This approach helps us maintain greater control over the result.

Accuracy & Transparency

From the initial quoting to the pricing and through the entire process, we lay out our work process so that you can make informed and smart choices for your project.


“I would highly recommend European Standards Flooring. The quality of their work is superb! They were very professional and I was impressed with the workers. “


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